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BioGuard Pool Complete®

BioGuard Pool Complete®

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BioGuard Pool Complete® is here to make you love your pool again by removing phosphates, preventing waterline buildup and enhancing filtration to produce a beautiful clear pool.

  • 3-in-1 high intensity weekly formula
  • Prevents waterline buildup
  • Keeps water amazingly clear
  • Removes phosphate

BioGuard Pool Complete® is designed as a 3-in-1 formula to provide an easy to use and effective method of making your pool pristine. Phosphates build up in water over time and are not normally tested for or treated but can lead to both a waterline buildup and murky water, Pool Complete® takes care of this for you while also providing a water clarifier that will help your filter remove any dirt or other contaminants.


Always follow label instructions, dosages are provided here to inform your purchase decisions. These dosages are not meant as a replacement for label instructions.

Maintenance/startup dose 4oz per 8,000 gallons of water