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SpaGuard pH Increaser

SpaGuard pH Increaser

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SpaGuard pH Increaser is designed to increase the pH of your hot tub or spa water.

  • 100% sodium carbonate, soda ash
  • pH 11.6
  • Improves swimmer comfort
  • Protects hot tub equipment from corrosion due to improper pH

SpaGuard pH Increaser raises the pH of your hot tub to protect your equipment and your swimmers. Low pH can cause corrosion of hot tub equipment leading to staining and leaks, increased chlorine/bromine dissipation rates, hot tub surface damage and even swimmer discomfort or rashes. Proper pH balance is critical to make sure sanitizers and shocks work effectively.


Always follow label instructions, dosages are provided here to inform your purchase decisions. These dosages are not meant as a replacement for label instructions.

Dosage chart is included on bottle. typically no more than a couple ounces at a time.